Intelligent Decision are business intelligence and big data management specialists. Put simply, we work closely with your business to help you set down your aspirations for the future and work out the best technological set-up to help you achieve them.

What We Do

We’re unique because we’re part-geek, part-guru: we drill down into the detail as well looking at the big picture. We’ve been doing it for as long as we can remember and we’ve had a window on more industries than we can count.

Getting diverse products to work together requires extensive experience, privileged partnerships across the software industry and insight into what makes businesses tick.

For us, that means going further than a simple consult-design-build process. It means being truly accountable – bringing the right people and the right products together with the minimum disruption to the everyday workings of your business. Testing and retesting. Managing as little or as much as you need us to. And finally, doing it all on time and on budget, with the very greatest attention to detail.

Whether you want a fully-integrated, high-performance market data analytics appliance that provides users with access to complete, real-time and historical market data from global markets or a complete end-to-end metadata driven data warehouse appliance that can quickly and effortlessly take data from a variety of disparate source systems, integrate, manage and execute parameterised generic processes to enable rapid information-based-decisions we have solutions.

Simple, effective and supported – all you have to do is turn the key.


Who We Are

Whatever your business and whatever our level of involvement, Intelligent Decision have the analytical skill and experience to get to the bottom of a problem, then pick out and explain the best solutions to help you reduce waste, increase efficiency and ultimately improve your bottom line.

You get the right professionals with the right skill set at the right price no matter how big or small your requirement. It helps that we’re independent of software vendors; but the real benefit comes with the continuity you get when you employ technical experts on a fixed-project, fixed-price basis not to mention the planning advantages and cost-savings that go with it.

The key to our success has always been our flexibility – our commitment to doing the job right first time, no matter what level of service is required. If you’ve been let down and need someone to step in quickly and fix things, we’re here to help. The same goes if you’re looking for start-to-finish consultancy and implementation or just an experienced, reliable partner to fill the gaps. Over many years, we’ve come to occupy an incredibly privileged position within the business intelligence and data-warehousing arena. Thanks to that experience and reach, we help businesses solve the problems that are holding them back quickly, effectively and painlessly.

In today’s ever-changing technological world, information overload is virtually inevitable. We devote our working lives to researching and assessing the very latest business intelligence solutions, so you don’t have to.




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